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Credit; Iximus — Pixabay

China and the Coronavirus Pandemic — A Timeline

The first case of someone in China with Covid-19, can be traced back to Nov 17 2019, according to Chinese government data seen by the South China Morning Post.

As of Jan 2020, Chinese authorities had identified at least 266 people who were infected.

According to the Chinese government data seen by the Post, a 55 year-old from Hubei could have been the first person to have contracted Covid-19 on Nov 17 2019.

From that date onwards, one to five new cases were reported each day. By Dec 15 2019, the total…

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Credit: Pixabay

This article provides an overview of why China’s relationship with the world and its own minorities is a growing global concern.

Chinese Aggressive Territorial Expansion, Hegemony:

A vast number of news and scholarly articles have been published in recent years regarding Chinese activities building towards taking control of the entire South-China Seas. These efforts have involved dredging coral reefs to build massive artificial islands, on which they have built military bases, and runways.

China’s continuous encroachment and intention to control the South China Sea led to the Philippines lodging a suit against them in 2013. They stated that China was…

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Credit: Gerd Altmann; Pixabay

Taking ownership of the future will positively reset our relationship with technology.

You look out of the window, and it’s all climate change. You start wondering about the future, and you remember watching a video about AI, Robotics and other technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and how they will fundamentally change the way we live and work. The presenter solemnly predicts that many of today’s jobs will be automated, millions of workers could be displaced, but new types of work will replace the old; but, she gives no description of what the new jobs of the future will be…

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Credit: Thom Masat; Unsplash

Surreptitiously, by design, globalisation shipped manufacturing, wholesale, from Western countries to China. The resulting rust belt in the U.S. delivered economically disenfranchised workers who fuelled the rage that blindsided the establishment and delivered Trump the US presidency. Each day, Trump delivers to that rage, and the world watches the US slide down the abyss of social collapse.

The same economic mugging of workers in the U.K. yielded the protest vote called BREXIT and the dislocations that follow.

Australia also exported its manufacturing industry, and almost all value-add processing to China to the extent that Australia now exports unprocessed minerals and…

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The Chinese company Huawei has a huge public relations problem: article after article reveal more evidence and concerns about spying, industrial espionage, intellectual property theft, and threats if they are not awarded the next 5G contract.

Countries are slowly realising that Huawei is not independent of the Chinese government, but is an integral arm of Chinese state policy.

In August 2018, The Australian government banned Huawei from participation in the deployment of 5G networks in Australia. The Australian decision was influenced by the understanding that Huawei is required under Chinese law to co-operate with Chinese government directives; and the Australian…

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A large number of articles have appeared which outline the role 4IR technologies may have in shaping the future. But, many of these articles offer a seductive narrative that disarms the critical attitude needed to expose the reality of these emerging technologies.

Most of these future narratives dismiss the possibility of a dystopian future. In this, they contradict present-day realities. One might wonder whether the authors have interviewed the 1 to 3 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other minorities in concentration camps in West China. …

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The ‘Singularity’ is a technology vision of the future. Will we just accept the Singularity as our destiny, or will humanity map out its own journey?

Every day we wake to news from a troubled world. We are so consumed just getting through each day, against a backdrop of wars, cyber attacks, political strife, economic insecurity… that we have no collective vision for the future, at least not one that has any kind of soul.

Daily we read about technology advances which against the dust and noise of life seem to act as a beacon of, at times excitement, and…

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We have externalised our interior world. Whims, inspirations, ideas… are no longer like chocolate that we savour as they melt away. Instead, we tap out commands with expectations of delight.

Notice the fence on the left of both images. The zone to the right of the fence could be thought of as our World-view, the limits of our consciousness.

In the top register play, creativity, and variety of activities involving human interaction expands our creative consciousness to its ‘limits’.

In the bottom register, play, creativity, and diversity have been usurped by technology; human interaction has been displaced by subservience to the machine. And the human world-view has severely contracted away from the limits of our creative consciousness.

Our internal creative inspirations have been displaced by the smartphone, but no human development can arise from the severely abbreviated world-view that revolves around it.

Sixteen Gathered Moments

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Moon through the window
- Ksitigarbha’s third eye

The gold Green Tara
- the shimmering sun

circle clouds -
in the rock pool

Spider on a leaf
seizes a fly under the leaf
— morning peak hour!

dusts before
the bronze Buddha

Rinsing dishes -
the full moon slides
off the plate

Dark path after rain,
the heavy hibiscus drops -
the moon shatters

Storm clouds, moon,
wild geese fold into
— the sky’s edge

Black sky stills the river,
wild geese thread
- the moon’s hook

Spider on a leaf seized a…

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A Meditation on Silence

For thousands of years, prophets, mystics, spiritual seekers, and monastics have known of the value of silence. Over this period a huge literature has explored silence and proven its value to healing, personal knowledge, and spiritual development.

Recently, I watched a short video about Silence. The video offered a justification for Silence by referring to recent studies of the health benefits to be gained from actively seeking periods of silence.

I was dismayed by this. It seems that we need scientific data to justify something that thousands of years of wisdom and practice has already confirmed.Yet…

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